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About Charlotte Dial-a-Ride


Welcome to Charlotte Dial A Ride located in St Stephen, New Brunswick. We are your alternative transportation organization for all of Charlotte County.

Our mission is to provide transportation for residents of Charlotte County that is dependable, courteous, safe, efficient, inclusive and sensitive to the needs of all individuals and respectful of the privacy of all concerned.

Since Sept. 2005, individuals and families have been accessing our service.

Thanks to our volunteers, we are able to provide low cost transportation which in turn makes it possible for residents to travel to needed doctor visits, shop for food, complete errands and access education and employment opportunities.

Members pay a minimal fee per drive based on distance and an annual membership fee.

We are continuing to provide our service during the pandemic with many protocols in place to ensure the safety of our members and volunteers. Protocols for each phase are listed on the gnb website here.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How does the service work?

A: Members call our dispatcher 48 hours in advance of the required service to book a drive appointment. The dispatcher then finds a volunteer available on that day and time, and the appointment is confirmed with the member.

Q: Who is eligible to join?

A: Individuals without access to transportation due to affordability or remote location, and those who need help due to a disability qualify. If access to transportation causes you hardship for any reason, we may be able to help. Sometimes people become members for a few months when their vehicle is being repaired, or they temporarily are not able to drive due to health issues.

Q: What is the cost to join?

A: The membership fee for a family is $5 per month; fees for drives are based on distance from your home to your destination and they range from $4 -$10 for a one way drive within Charlotte County.

Q: Are your vehicles wheel chair accessible?

A: We now have a wheel chair accessible van which may be booked 48 hours in advance! Several of our volunteers’ vehicles can also accommodate fold up walkers or wheel chairs.

Please note: Volunteer drivers are not equipped or trained to transfer people in and out of vehicles, but you may have a friend or support person accompany you on the drive to help.